Deep tissue massage technique is used to loosen the fibres of a muscle releasing chronic muscle tension which in turn removes toxins whilst the muscle soothes and relaxes.

Deep tissue massage helps to beak up and eliminate scar tissue.

Deep tissue massage feels good and is great for your health. When muscles are tense or tight, oxygen and nutrients are blocked, this leads to toxin build up and inflammation within muscle tissue.

A deep tissue massage will loosen soft muscle tissue, it releases toxins and increases oxygen and blood flow within the body. When toxins are released it is important to drink water after a session to rif the body of such toxins.

Muscular soreness may be felt after a session but usually goes within a day or two.

Treatment Prices:
60 mins $80.00

90 mins $110.00

Remedial Massage is covered by most leading private health insurance companies under “Extras”

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 7pm